Un-conference’s Preliminary Programme is now online

Τhe preliminary programme of the Un-Conference is now online:

You can download it here and here.



Thursday 31.05 Friday 01.06 Saturday 02.06 Sunday 03.06
11.00 – 12.30 B1

Graffiti 1


Stigmatization / Marginalization and Right to the city




Stigmatization / Marginalization and Right to the city

Extra Parallel Workshop:

Hunting guerrillas based on the morphology

Welcome & introduction
12.30 – 13.00 Break Break Break
13.00 – 15.00 A1

Debating urban commons


Right to the city




Debating urban commons


B4 Reconstruction / restructuring Workshop 1. Rammed Earth Workshop



Debating urban commons

C4 Neighborhood Self organization Workshop 3. Mobilizing the urban fabric – acts of everyday urban guerrilla



Memory struggles


Housing / Squats

Workshop 5. Short talks about our lives in the city
15.00 – 16.00 Break – Lunch Break – Lunch Break – Lunch Break – Lunch
16.00 – 18.00 A3

Migrant – Refugee struggles


Public space in urban struggles



Migrant – Refugee struggles


Public space in urban struggles

Workshop 2. Situating Commonalities in Nicosia Cyprus



Everyday / Affective urban activism & struggles


Urban social movements

Workshop 4. Towards a participatory holistic approach to urban planning D3

Everyday / Affective urban activism & struggles


Urban social movements


Workshop 6. From political projects to urgent needs: the case of cooperative housing


18.00 – 18.30 Break Break Break                            Break
18.30 – 20.30 A5 Touristification – Gentrification A6

Social – political ecology


B7 RoundTable:

Sensing Solidarity: Sensory Engagements with Networks, Commons, Citizenship, and Resistance


B8 RoundTable: Solidarity Architecture Exhibition C7 RoundTable: Care Politics





C8 RoundTable:

Ethics Of The Activist Researcher




Thursday, May 31

12.00 – 13.00

Welcome & Introduction


13.00 – 15.00

A1. Debating urban commons

  • 2009-2017: The recent lineage of Urban Commons, E. Antonopoulou
  • Athens Beyond Us and Them, S. Kousoulas
  • Challenges of producing an alternative urban imaginary in the city. The example of the urban commons in Istanbul, A. Fautras
  • Correlation Between Local State and Commoners; Examples of Haydarpasa Train Station, In Kadikoy, B. Yalcin
  • What is after convergence? Responses to movement fragmentation in the follow-up networks of the Gezi Movement, Pelivan Cemgil

A2. Right to the city

  • 6th October Bridge: on the Heterotopia of Modern Liminal Spatiality, A. Azab-Osman
  • Urban Transformation Story in GOP: Union of Neighborhoods against the Legal Ambiguity, Ö. Oral
  • Who cares the sidewalk? Ü. Şendil, K. Üstündağ
  • Recent Urban Struggles in Istanbul in the Light of Lefebvre’s Rhytmanalysis, A. E. Dogan


15.00 – 16.00 Lunch break


16.00 – 18.00

A3. Migrant – refugee struggles

  • Migrant squatting and the scales of commoning: the Moi at Turin 2013-?, A. Stopani
  • Mapping solidarity against racism in Barcelona: from the “migrant crisis” to everyday life struggles in the city, Á. Ramírez-March, M. Montenegro, F. Planas, C. Álvarez
  • The Occupation of SYRIZA Offices in Lesbos, S. A. Nabi
  • Solidarity and Education or Education of solidarity in the City of Mytilene The “Mikros Dounias” as a common space for the right to the city, Constantinos Zafeiris, Xeni Alexiou, Christy Petropoulou
  • Reshaping Europe as a Commons – Refugee Solidarity in Athens, L. Gauditz
  • Video projection: A Borderless World, A. Deeq (6min)

A4. Public space in urban struggles 1

  • Subjects in Crisis. On Neoliberal ‘Modernization’, Syntagma Square, and Prefigurative Spatialities in Athens, D. Soudias
  • Rhythmanalytical Reading on a Place of Struggle; The Case of Yüksel Street, Ankara, E. İplikci
  • Distributed Citizenship: Emergency or Normality?, A. Sakellariou
  • Taksim Republican Square In Between; Gezi Park Occupy Movement and Democracy Watch Rallies, T. Kahraman, M. D. Kahraman
  • exhibition: New Definitions to Public Spaces, Appropriation of Private Spaces: Beyond-Spaces in Istanbul, H. Sahin



18.30 – 20.30

A5. Touristification – gentrification

  • More Tourism? Mass Tourism? Mars Tourism?, C. Anastasia
  • The struggle for the public space and the cultural hegemony: the case of Bologna, V. Salvini
  • Learning from Naples. The Quartieri Spagnoli do it yourself governance, L. Basco
  • Pockets of Resistance in Transforming Urban Settings: The Case of Mar Mikhael Neighborhood in Beirut City, A. Zaatari, A. Ghaddar, B. Yassine
  • exhibition: “We don’t want your money”: Wall writings against gentrification in Spain, J. Tolonen

A6. Social – political ecology

  • Wind Farm Conflicts at Rural-ecological Commons: The Case of Karaburun, Hazar, Z. Ozcam
  • Distribution of Urban-Ecological Commons: Case of Urban Forestry of İzmir, P. Ozkan D. Hazar
  • Political Ecology and the Degrowth movement: for the Right to the Eco-Community, S. Mouzakitis
  • The social ecology of ruins, T. Rouhette
  • Video projection: Reclaiming the Sea, A. Sakellariou (8min)


Friday, June 1

11.00 – 12.30

B1 Graffiti 1

  • “Ilginç Degil” – “It’s not interesting”: A Material Culture and Landscape Analysis of Political Graffiti in Istanbul between 2015-2017, J. Leander Geraets
  • “Revolutionary” Walls. The Example Of Cairo Murals, M. Papanikolaou
  • Whose Right and What City? Notes on the Image Wars in the Athens of Crisis through a Graffiti Photograph, K. Avramidis

B2 Stigmatization / marginalization and right to the city

  • Margins of the city: space, existence and co-existence of heroin-community in Rogoredo, V. Verdolini
  • Diğerler, the Others: living in marginal quarters in Istanbul, V. Ferraro
  • Informality as Speech Act: State Constructions of ‘Asha’iyyat in Cairo’s Public Markets , M. Ezz


13.00 – 15.00

B3. Debating urban commons 2

  • Commoning the Knowledge with Graph Commons: Literature on Urban Commons, T. Çekiç, E. Yılmaz
  • Athens: An Invisible City, S. Strigklogiannis
  • Commoning (in) documenta 14 (2017) and Athens Biennale 5 to 6 (2015-2017)? Periodic exhibitions of contemporary art amidst the local/global narratives of commons, S. Tsampalla
  • Commoning Property: Urban Movements and Claims of Common Property in Istanbul, B. Ozden Firat, E. Sidar Okdemir
  • Transforming Ethnic Conflict into Urban Controversies for Agonistic Urban Commons: the “Hands-on Famagusta” project, Cyprus, S. Stratis, E. Akbil

B4. Reconstruction / restructuring

  • Post‐war urban ‘reconstruction’ in downtown Beirut: social and environmental destructions in a privatised area, H. M. Abiraad
  • The New Capital, Mapping The Desert Land (Cairo), F. Kitsios, N. Drougka, E. Faliaga
  • A Mediterranean Neoplasm, G. Erkılıç, C. Zeren
  • Constructing Counter-hegemony: The case of Chamber City Planners’ Practices in Ankara, E. Sevim, Ö. Yalçınkaya, D. Kimyon, S. Savran Aslan, G. Serter, G. Güldal, E. İplikci, N. Oya Memlük
  • Coastal Land Reclamation Area as Megaform in the Context of Urban Political Ecology, Esra Sert


15.00 – 16.00 Lunch break


16.00 – 18.00

B5. Migrant – Refugee struggles 2

  • Urban Struggles in Refugee Camps. The Case of Lebanon, F. Micocci
  • Mobile Commons and the right to the city, D. Parsanoglou
  • Emerging acts of commoning through autonomous migration: Commons and newcomers in Mytilene, X. Alexiou
  • Migrant labour, urban commons and social justice in Naples, D. Arnold
  • Greek Chronicle Project – Ελληνικό Χρονικό, Z. Haitidis, (30min)

B6. Public space in urban struggles 2

  • S’ agapao na tis les: Feminist geography of the public space in Exarchia, K. Voulgari
  • Gendered Public Spaces in Istanbul, Ö. Altın
  • “The “space of appearance” revisited in the square movement” P. Kotsifaki-Sarpaki, K. Fysaraki
  • A Critical Inquiry on the Transformation of the Taksim Square, Ö. Arslan
  • artistic intervention: Performance: Spirals, H. Marini


18.30 – 20.30

B7. Roundtable: Sensing Solidarity: Sensory Engagements with Networks, Commons, Citizenship, and Resistance, T. kerkels, D. Papachristou, H. Ploegman, K. Talianni, P. Travlou, T. Western

Video projection: Skoros: Anti-consumption in Crisis, A. Chatzidakis (20min),

B8. Roundtable: Solidarity Architecture Exhibition, H. Sinan Omacan; O. Kirlangic, E. Torbaoglu, H. Akarca (as represantatives of Chamber of Architects Istanbul Branch) and the Groups Another Kind of Workshop, Düzce Hope Studio, Architecture for All, Kuzguncuk Gardens Improvement and Preservation Project, Architect Assembly, Plankton Project, Historical Yedikule Gardens Preservation Initiative

Tarlabasi – an Urban Struggle, H. Akarca, R. Doğan, E. Yağcı, O. Kizginkaya, E. Sarisac


Saturday, June 2

11.00 – 12.30

C1. Graffiti 2

  • “Learning from Athens, the new Berlin” Athens as a place of resistance: romanticization, graffiti and masculinities, N. Soumpassis
  • Vallcarca: A space in between ways of making politics, P. Munoz Moran
  • Struggles of Visibility, R. Kalıntaş

C2. Stigmatization / Marginalization and Right to the city 2

  • The right to the City and the Common Space between Conflicts and Desire of Community in the Sicilian “bad neighborhood” of San Berillo, F. Gravagno, E. Privitera
  • Struggle, and Back Home: Retreat from Istanbul and the Socio-Spatial Restructuring of Kadikoy, K. Kubilay Asar
  • The battle to be fought for common in Beirut The case of Souk Abou Rakhoussa in the context of 2015 manifestations, R. Wehbe


13.00 – 15.00

C3. Debating urban commons 3

  • Reclaiming the commons in downtown Haifa, D. Behar R. Ben-Arie
  • Space-commoning: non-identarian (be)coming together in liminal spaces and times, M. Harrison
  • A Minor Struggle for Urban Commons: Mapping the Everyday Topographies of Istanbul, A. Senel
  • The ecumenical right to the common space: between stasis and movement, H. Tsavdaroglou
  • Athens Report, a collective archive of life and protest in the city of Athens, A. Lascari, C. Petropoulou

C4. Neighbourhood Self organization

  • Neighborhood Forums and Squatter Neighborhoods During the Gezi Uprising, A. Lucie Batur
  • First comes the neighborhood: initial steps towards strengthening urban social movements in Podgorica, Montenegro, S. Dragovic, M. Cacic
  • Perspectives Of Self-Organization In Rome, L. Brignone, C. Cacciotti
  • Territorialities of encounter-The neighborhood of Koukaki, D. Loupetis, A. Papangelopoulos


15.00 – 16.00 Lunch break


16.00 – 18.00

C5. Everyday / Affective urban activism & struggles 1

  • Aesthetic Struggles in the Urban Social Movements, T. Tunali
  • From Bystanders to the Protagonists: Provincializing the Gezi Uprisings, D. Özkaya
  • Narratives of the Bodies and Spaces of Εxcarheia in Transformation, G. Aykaç
  • Right to the Landscape: Why Are We All Walking in Northern Istanbul?, N. Tümerdem
  • Informal Spatial Practices as a Social Morphology: Gülsuyu and Gülensu Case, O. Gürsoy, E. Yasin Dinç

C6. Urban social movements 1

  • De-Solidarity. A Critical Approach to Solidarity and Resistance, C. Varela, M. do Mar, L. Haghighat
  • The Urban Social Movements of Athens and Istanbul, the space and the political, C. Kavoura
  • Urban Social Movements In Istanbul, B. İngin, E. S. Ökdemir, M. C. Yalçıntan
  • Repelling Commoners, Destructing Urban Space: Gezi Park Protests and Kobanê Riots, E. Tuncer
  • artistic intervention: What is Struggle?, T. Sahin


18.30 – 20.30

C7. Roundtable: Care Politics

-(Athens) Self-organised social reproduction in crisis-ridden Athens: the emergence of a new institutionality of welfare and citizenship, Isabel Gutierrez Sanchez

-Rethinking “safe-r spaces”: gender, sexuality and the defense of common space, Anastasia Papathoma

C8. Roundtable: Ethics Of The Activist Researcher, M. C. Yalçıntan


Sunday, June 3

11.00 – 12.30

Extra Parallel Workshop: Hunting guerrillas based on the morphology


13.00 – 15.00

D1. Memory struggles

  • Heterotopia Between Cultural Heritage and Welcoming the Migration: The Case of Basmane, Izmir, Işıklı, T. Özge Göksen
  • Archiving Urban Change: Collective Production of Almanak as an Urban Struggle, E. Yılmaz, T. Çekiç, T. Kahraman
  • ‘Contentious Collective Actions and Exceptional Urban Spatialities. Memories from the December 2008 Youth Uprising’, B. Ksiropita
  • Intimate stories, Everyday Memories and Creative Counterpublics: Ethnographing activists, writers and artists in Beyoǧlu, F. Tsibiridou
  • exhibition: Postcards from Athens / Greetings from the invisible city, S. Strigklogiannis, F. Cocchiara

D2. Housing / Squats

  • From dispossessed urban dwellers to citadins of the Mestizo City. The autonomous geographies and urban commons of Rome’s housing squatters, M. Grazioli
  • Changing Society, Changing Households: The Paradox of the Maltese Dream, R. M. Scicluna, K. Xerri
  • The Shifting Significance of Land and Property in Büyükbakkal on İstanbul’s Outskirts: Forms of Expropriation and Resistance, S. Doğan
  • Cohousing in Athens: the prospect of working and living collectively, Kyriaki Mountanea, Christina Raftopoulou
  • Polykatoikia: Re-framing the public, D. Venizelos, C. Serifi


15.00 – 16.00 Lunch break


16.00 – 18.00

D3. Everyday / Affective urban activism & struggles 2

  • Watching the watchers: Community based surveillance under the gaze mass surveillance in everyday life – the case of Gonenim Park, Jerusalem, R. Eidelman, D. Behar
  • Presentation of the group “Eclipse/AlKusuf”, a support group for LGBTI+ and Queer Refugees in Thessaloniki, Greece, “Eclipse/Alkusuf”
  • Architectural model in production of queer space of Belgrade, B. Burmaz
  • Queer Mobilities for and across Football Spaces, D. Nihan Aktan
  • Breathing under Blockade: Notes on Intimacy and Resistance in Diyarbakır, U. Yıldırım

D4. Urban social movements 2

  • Urban food struggles in Athens: food scarcities in times of uprisings (2008-2015), I. M. Bernardos
  • The Gezi Lessons: Learning from Experiences of an Urban Uprising, I. Romain Ors
  • Impacts of Urban Social movements on Mediterranean cities: Case study Athens and Barcelona, A. Safwat Shawky
  • Keeping the Flame Alive: Strategies and Networks of a Persistent 15M Assembly, X. Valeth
  • Video projection: Sur: Homeland (38min)


18.30 – 20.30





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